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Why is it when you tell someone you have a teenager, especially a girl, they find it necessary to say something like; “Oh my, how’s that going?”  Or, “I’m sorry for you, this too shall pass.”  Or even better, if you  then say,  she/he is just a wonderful child. I don’t have any problems. They then find it necessary to come back with “Oooh, you just Wait”.  What is that?  What has happened in the course of raising or being a teenager that the very word “Teenager” has taken on a bad connotation.  In all of the world,  no one has ever met an “nice teen?”  Or does the  “crazy teen” topic make for good conversation, and without it the conversation would be dull and short-lived .  Perhaps.  The funny thing is,  a lot of the “crazy teen”  know-it-alls, are usually people who have no kids, and have no desire to have them. “Kids? Me? Never!”  I guess they’ve had too many discussions with those, “I’m so fed up-I don’t know what to do-It has nothing to do with me-I’m doing everything I can” –  parents.  I’m here to say,  there are exceptions. So to all of you “Crazy Teen Specialists” – Be quiet. Please allow us parents with nice teens an opportunity to enjoy this process without constantly shoving the fear of the teen curse  down our throats.