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“Paying Attention” is the key. A person, or a “random” situation, can appear to just happen to you, but if you were truly paying attention, you would realize there were signs along the way. A cheater, showed you signs of cheating long before they cheat on you. A liar, lied about others to you, long before you caught them in a lie directed towards you, and so on, and so on. If you are truly paying attention, you would never brush off the signs as they present themselves because you understand they are only here to serve as a mirror of your thoughts, beliefs. or feelings, and brushing them off now, will mean experiencing them again later. I love the sayings: You can run, but you can’t hide and wherever you go, there you are. We attract people in our lives to teach us something about ourselves, and when we are presented with the cheaters, liars, etc, and let their actions brush over because we “think” it has nothing to do with us…Wrong! Lesson #1, if it’s in your life, it was meant for you. Paying Attention, can surely make this long road we travel a much easier journey to take.