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Talent Management


This journey is so much more rewarding when you are paying it forward. Not just for your own self gratification, but truly for the enjoyment of watching others blossom and achieve.  Absolutely, there will be a pat on the back here and there, as there should be, but the real joy comes from watching the smile on another’s face, or hearing the words, thank you, or sometimes silently standing in the shadows, enjoying the elation, and hearing nothing. I have been on that  journey for several years now. Sometimes, stumbling through it, but always with the intentions of giving back.  I am thankful for this place in my life, this gratifying feeling is like none other. I think back on all the glorifying reviews, the credits on my resume, and the performances, and I smile, sometimes even gloat, did I do all that? Wow, I did do that. Now, I say similar words…usually to myself. “Look at her, him, them. Wow, I gave back.  “