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I was reflecting the other day on how this is one of those times when life is on an up swing.  Then my mind went to all those times life appeared to be sliding down-hill fast, and I realized, life was on the up swing then as well.  Whether your glass is half empty or half full,  will depend on one’s perspective.  As I look back over the years, it has become easy to see how half full my glass really was.  Even when situations appeared to be  “falling apart” they were actually “falling together”.  I am grateful and truly honored to have my life, and thankful that I am willing to always walk through the fire of it all. So if you can muster up the strength to keep on pushing, even in the midst of the “appearance” of a downfall pour, find small things to smile about each day, and soon you will come to see how everything was simply “falling right into place.