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I’ve heard so many times in my life how “nice” of a person I am, and that in my business, you can’t be so nice, you have to have a “back bone.” “Back Bone? Come on. I’m from the BRONX,  you don’t survive without having a backbone.  Yes, I get upset. Yes, I sometimes cry.  I absolutely vent.  Wanting to keep things peaceful does not mean I don’t have a “Back Bone”.  It’s just not that important for me to be “right”. I prefer to feel good.  My niceness has afforded me other wonderful favors, and blessings.  So to all of you, nice people,” keep on being nice and feelin’ good.. It may take us a little longer to get where we need to go, because we’re not stepping on others to get there, but we do.  We are being watched and admired. I am a testament to that. People who I had no idea was watching, would eventually tell me how much they appreciated, liked,  and admire my ethics.  That doesn’t mean I have not made my share of bad choices, but my intensions were always honorable.  So go, be nice and keep feelin’ good.