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This journey is so much more rewarding when you are paying it forward. Not just for your own self gratification, but truly for the enjoyment of watching others blossom and achieve.  Absolutely, there will be a pat on the back here and there, as there should be, but the real joy comes from watching the […]


I was reflecting the other day on how this is one of those times when life is on an up swing.  Then my mind went to all those times life appeared to be sliding down-hill fast, and I realized, life was on the up swing then as well.  Whether your glass is half empty or […]


I’ve heard so many times in my life how “nice” of a person I am, and that in my business, you can’t be so nice, you have to have a “back bone.” “Back Bone? Come on. I’m from the BRONX,  you don’t survive without having a backbone.  Yes, I get upset. Yes, I sometimes cry. […]


Tooting your own horn is very important. I don’t mean “toot” in  a bragadocious way, but in a confident, empowering way.  Because to play yourself small does no one any good.   How can people look up to someone who is constantly playing the small side of themselves? I believe we are put here to uplift, inspire and teach by […]


Why is it when you tell someone you have a teenager, especially a girl, they find it necessary to say something like; “Oh my, how’s that going?”  Or, “I’m sorry for you, this too shall pass.”  Or even better, if you  then say,  she/he is just a wonderful child. I don’t have any problems. They […]


Spending time with those who are excited about life is contagious. If you’re day is filled with laughter, anticipation, enthusiasm, and overall joy, you’re on to something. If you are not feeling one of these in any given day, a change is needed. We never know when it is our time to transition out of […]


“Paying Attention” is the key. A person, or a “random” situation, can appear to just happen to you, but if you were truly paying attention, you would realize there were signs along the way. A cheater, showed you signs of cheating long before they cheat on you. A liar, lied about others to you, long […]


Isn’t it cool how when your thoughts become things, terrah, and your dreams start coming true, they invariably bring along with them totally unexpected, life-changing manifestations that just blow your mind? Not too long ago, I went through what I thought was a devastating blow. Something that “I” had birth, was destroyed…Or appeared to be. […]